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What is Online Sports Betting?

Online sports betting allows you to place a bet on a sports event. If the team you bet win or the winning conditions are met, then you are able to win money based on the winning rate given before you placing the bet.

Multiple Betting platform provided

Play666 provides multiple platforms for our customers to choose from, so that customers are always able to find the best bet at the very best rate. Check out our platforms below:

Sports available for Betting

Wide range of sports are available for betting at a very good betting rate. Below are the sports events that you are able to bet for: Soccer betting, Basketball, E-sports, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Cricket, Volleyball, Handball, Pool, Snooker, Rugby, MotorGP, Darts, Muay Thai, Athletics, Cycling, Table Tennis, Water Polo, Mix Parlay, Outright and much more!

Football Betting in Malaysia

Play666 offers one of the best Football betting (Soccer betting) in Malaysia. Our rate is one of the best in the market and a lot of promotions are given out every month to help you win bigger.

Football betting tips

Wanna have some tips? We got you covered. Well, if you wish to get some special tips or insider news, you are at the right place. Register on our newsletter to get the latest football tips ever from us.

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